Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gymastic Champion of Champions

This year I went to the Tri Star Gymnastics with 3 other year 4 girls - Ida, Emily and Holly. The awesome thing was that we could wear what ever leotard that we liked!!

When we arrived it was about 8:30 in the morning and the warm up started at 9:00 so we were early. In the warm up we did some star jumps, tuck jumps, hand stands and so many more different exercises.

After that we got into four big groups that we would go around in. The first person got given the order that we were going in for the Beam, Vault, Floor. First we went to the beam it was scary when we competed because in our routine we had a high jump on the beam. It had to be a high one otherwise points would be taken off.

It is very risky because you might fall off. After that we went to vault which was where we had to run up jump on to a beatboard (which is a bit like a trampoline) and then land on a soft mat and try not to wobble or more points would be taken off.

Then we had floor which was quite easy as long as you didn 't go over for the shoulder stand. We had to wait for about half an hour before prize giving.

Finally when it came to our turn our team came FIRST!! plus Ida also came FIRST!! overall and I came 5th. So our year four team did REALLY WELL!!!!

Here is a video that shows some kids practising some of the gymnastics that we did.

By Anya H