Friday, September 17, 2010

Cute Keas - What's hiding in our Meadowbank Garden?

This week for conservation week I made a Kea mask. Keas live in the high country where they live from the alpine basins down the valley floors. They look for food and places to play and hand out. They are best known for there cheeky behaviour around humans and can be very entertaning. Never feed a Kea because this can make them even more naughty .....

This is the link for the kea mask that I made on the conservation website.

By Polly

The Super Bug Mission

This week in conservation week we went onto the game called 'Super Bug Mission'. In the game we learnt about insects body parts. We had to choose different body parts and super powers to put it together to make a 'Super Bug'. Here is a link to The Super Bug Mission!!!!!

by Adam and Kathryn

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mrs Master's Favourite Bird

In Garden to Table yesterday Mrs Masters said that she wanted to see her favourite bird before she had a special birthday. She asked us to guess what bird it was. These were her clues:

It is kind of parrot
It starts with the letter "k"
It is extremely rare
It lives on islands
It is green
It lives in holes or burrows
It makes "booming" noises to attract a partner
Sometimes they "boom" all their life and never find a partner because they are so rare
Mrs Masters last "super clue" is
Its feathers smell so delightful

Can you guess what Mrs Master's favourite bird is?

From Angela, Honoka, Josh, Tom

Monday, September 13, 2010

Conservation Week

It's Conservation Week and Eunice and I went on a tui hunt. Watch the video and see what we found.

By Sean

Friday, September 10, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake Q&A

My Granny lives in Christchurch where the earthquake happened on Saturday 4th of September in 2010, so I gave her a Q&A over the telephone and asked her these questions:
  • Q:Was it scary?
  • A: It was very. I woke up with a huge fright but you just have to go where you know it is safe which happened to be the door jam.

  • Q:What woke you up?
  • A:The shaking

  • Q:What was your biggest aftershock?
  • A:5.4 at 3:00 am on Tuesday

  • Q:Did you have enough food and water stored away?
  • A:Yes we did and we didn't lose power.

  • Q:How many aftershocks have you had?
  • A:Over 100 since Saturday and now(07/09/10 tuesday 7:30). The next door neighbours chimney fell on to our drive as well.
Answers from: Granny

Here are some photos about the earthquake.

Thanks for the great website link on the earthquake that Room 12 at Summerlands School used.

by Emelia

Friday, September 3, 2010

Art Exhibition

Meadowbank school has an art exhibition each year. Every class has created a canvas. We each created our own individual letterbox and then attached to our canvas. Kayra's mum came in and helped us with our art. We think it looks pretty good.

by Olivia and Maria