Friday, September 10, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake Q&A

My Granny lives in Christchurch where the earthquake happened on Saturday 4th of September in 2010, so I gave her a Q&A over the telephone and asked her these questions:
  • Q:Was it scary?
  • A: It was very. I woke up with a huge fright but you just have to go where you know it is safe which happened to be the door jam.

  • Q:What woke you up?
  • A:The shaking

  • Q:What was your biggest aftershock?
  • A:5.4 at 3:00 am on Tuesday

  • Q:Did you have enough food and water stored away?
  • A:Yes we did and we didn't lose power.

  • Q:How many aftershocks have you had?
  • A:Over 100 since Saturday and now(07/09/10 tuesday 7:30). The next door neighbours chimney fell on to our drive as well.
Answers from: Granny

Here are some photos about the earthquake.

Thanks for the great website link on the earthquake that Room 12 at Summerlands School used.

by Emelia

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