Friday, September 17, 2010

Cute Keas - What's hiding in our Meadowbank Garden?

This week for conservation week I made a Kea mask. Keas live in the high country where they live from the alpine basins down the valley floors. They look for food and places to play and hand out. They are best known for there cheeky behaviour around humans and can be very entertaning. Never feed a Kea because this can make them even more naughty .....

This is the link for the kea mask that I made on the conservation website.

By Polly


  1. Kia ora Kidz in Control
    What a great Blog. I do like the colours you have used.

    Polly... your Kea mask looks fanatstic. I do like how you have placed it in the garden. What a cool idea to add the link on how to make your mask. At the beginning of the year Room 4 at Shelly Park School also found intersting things about the kea..and yes they are very NAUGHTY!!!!
    Mrs M

  2. Hi Polly your mask was awesome. I loved how you used the feathers!! and I think your colours were bright and colourful I also liked the backround in the bush. I think you did a great job

    From George.

  3. Hi Polly when I saw your mask I thought it looked really cool !I thought it was a really interesting how you put feathers on it and it was so colorful too!!!!!

    From Kayra!