Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden to Table

This week was our first "Garden to Table" for term 3. Our class was split into two groups, one group went and worked in the garden, even though it was really wet with Mrs Masters and the other group worked in the kitchen making herb pikelets, silverbeet dip and kumera au gratin with Mrs Slyvester. This was my first "Garden to Table" afternoon and I was very impressed with the amazing gardeners and chefs that were in room 15, they certainly were experts and I am looking forward to our next "Garden to Table" in two weeks.

Some of the students have created their first photostory, we hope you enjoy it, I think they have worked extremely hard and have used very clear voices.

Mrs P

by George, Sarah-Mei and William


  1. Every second Wednesday we do garden to table and it is exciting because we get to create lots of different types of recipes.

    We think the people that made photostory used very clear voices also.
    from Room 15

  2. The foods looked really yummy!!! We liked the photos, Emelia looked cute in the last one and she looked a bit embarrassed with the bright red face. The pikelets looked delicious with the silver beet dip! I think you guys spoke loud and clear.
    By Anya and Honoka

  3. Hi Mrs P. I think the photostory group did realy well. They could improve by not repeating their words.

    By Thomas

  4. Hi Mrs P I think the photo story group did well and had very clear voices. They got the photostory done and dusted. The food was yummy


  5. My sister Ali thinks garden to table is really awesome and can't wait until she will be able to do it.I think that everyone spoke very clearly.
    From Emelia

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