Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Dozen Monkeys

In music we listened to the song "One Dozen Monkeys". Some of us auditioned to sing the song for our school assembly. Miss Smol asked us what instruments we could hear in the song and what was the purpose of the song. Here is a video of "One Dozen Monkeys" can you answer Miss Smol's questions.

by Seb, Maria, Raiha, Elliot


  1. Nice song and great post! We learnt that one dozen means 12 from this song.The video was cool!
    By Anya and Honoka

  2. Thank you mrs P for letting us do that awesome fun with the contributing and participating wallwisher! Just to let you know that it was great fun. Anyway, thank you again!!!

    From Josh

  3. I loved this music film.Hope you get bat man shimmy soon

    from Hamish

  4. Cool video Mrs P it gets stuck in your head

    By Elliot

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  6. That one dozen monkey song is a really good song and is has an awesome video on it. It really goes with the song.

    From will and George.