Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Participating and Contributing

Today our class went into groups and brainstormed what we thought Participating and Contributing meant to us. We are going to use this information to help us create our own goals for term 3. During the term we will be learning about "Communication" and this goal will help us when we work together.

Here is a wallwisher with our ideas.
by Polly and Honoka


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  2. Clever work everyone. I really like using wallwisher to note down my ideas. Another really great tool you might like to try next time you do something like this is and the great thing is you don't need to register for this web 2.0 tool, you can sign in with your class Google account that you use for blogging!

    Ms F

  3. Thanks Ms Fair for your comments on our blog. You always have amazing interesting ideas and we will definately try next time. You will be really pleased to know that we are developing lots of ICT experts in Room 15 and they are busy sharing their skills with each other.