Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Pouwhakarae

During Maori language week one of the activities we did was to visit the Pouwhakarae that are around our school. These 5 Atua/Guardians have been placed around our school reminding us to take care of our environment. Each guardian represents a different god. Here is our photostory explaining each of our Pouwhakarae.
Tom, Emelia, Sam, Kathryn, Raiha


  1. Great talk on the Pouwhakarae. Thanks Tom and others. Jo Williams

  2. Hi Tom, Emelia, Sam, Kathryn and Raiha.

    What a great video! I learned a lot from looking at your photos and listening to the information about the 5 Atua. I really like your choice of background music, that's one of my favourite songs!

    Ms F

    P.S I was excited to see Edinburgh, where I am living at the moment, appear on your Traffic Feed. Do you know where Edinburgh is?

  3. Hi Mrs.F!!! My name is Raiha and I know where Edinburgh is, it is in Scotland. Edinburgh castle is where Mary,Queen of Scots son was born. His name was King James VII.

  4. Great work Raiha Sam Tom Emelia Kathryn!!!My favorit guardian is Tane mahuta!

    From Hamish